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05 Apr

I’ve recently taken to knitting hats~

The first hat I knit was a massive rasta-style beanie for my boyfriend but I don’t have a picture of it :(

Then, inspired by a cap Kim Yuna wore, I made myself this beanie~


And then I was bored a few days ago and I only had cream yarn and a little bit of black so panda hat, obviously.



If you’re curious I’ve dedicated a tag on my main blog to my adventures in knitting ♥

21 Feb

OOTD 21/2/13

Bank cardigan, Zara scarf, Bank vest (white), Zara vest (black), Abercrombie&Fitch jeggings, shoes from eBay.

Miso necklace, Asos rings.

Asos coat, Paul’s Boutique bag.

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20 Feb

New Things~ ☆

Dinosaur Skeleton Necklace - Miso @ Republic

Studded Hair Bow - Crafted @ Republic

Volcanic Triangle Ring - Crafted @ Republic

Creepers - eBay

Studded Military Jacket - asos.com

17 Feb


ㅈㅈㅇ is a South Korean designer brand which I unfortunately have fallen in love with but can’t figure out how to buy things from their website (my Korean isn’t that great and idk if they even ship to the UK).

I first came across them through the whole “controversy” of SNSD wearing one of their hats in their I Got A Boy MV.

This was the hat:

I mean come on, who doesn’t want a hat which says “Fucking Chanel”. After much internet trawling I finally stumbled across their website (with the help of EYK) and idk as much as I love that hat I don’t know if I could wear it in an English speaking country without offending literally everyone :<

So instead I’ve fallen in love with these beanies:

But like I said, idk how to buy anything from the website and I don’t even know if they ship here :<

SO basically, this post is a giant HELP ME GET THIS HAT PLZ <3

05 Feb

Anonymous said: you've said before how you aren't really into dresses, that's why I wondered what sort of look you'd go for if you were a celebrity or something lol

Well if I was a celebrity I’d have a stylist and be able to afford fancy designer dresses and things :o

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05 Feb

Anonymous said: if you were attending a "red carpet" type event, what would you wear?

A dress of some description~ Idk I’m not really a huge dressy/formal clothes person so I’ve never really thought about it :<

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24 Jan

StyleAID: Loosening Tight Shoes

(okay the formatting of this post is all jacked up and idk why or how to fix it i’m sorry)



  1. Shoes that are too tight (they don’t have to be boots, this should work for most styles and materials);
  2. A thick pair of socks;
  3. A hairdryer. 

(I had a photograph to go here but Tumbr’s being a dick and won’t let me upload it even though it’s working for all the other pictures. Use your imagination.)
Put on your socks and then squeeze into your shoes, making sure your heel is firmly in the back of the shoe.

Heat the shoes with your hairdryer, wiggling your toes and flexing your foot as you do so until the material feels soft and supple. Heat around your toes and heel, or anywhere else you find the shoe uncomfortable. If you’re going straight out you can take the sock off and wear the shoe immediately and it should be okay, but I prefer to leave the socks on and keep the shoes on for as long as it takes for the material to cool (or longer if possible). This techinique should help mould the shoe to the shape of your foot, with the sock providing extra wiggle-room. You can repeat the process a few times if you want them even looser :)

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23 Jan

OMG SHOES: Part 3, Casual

And this will be the last installment of my shoe collection (unless I decide to include the rest under “misc” which I probably won’t).

I don’t really wear any of these shoes that often, but they’re usually saved for when I need to be sporty/comfortable or it’s too hot for boots (which is rare where I live).

I got these in TK Maxx cause I thought they were kinda funny but still kinda cool~ They’re probably for children but so what :3

I got these in Primark for like £4 cause I was going to Turkey and I kinda hate them~

I got them in this colour too.

Finally, I got these from Boohoo.com a few years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn them because I never have a reason to wear sandals… but I still think they’re really pretty so :<

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23 Jan

Anonymous said: what styles/trends do you completely hate?


22 Jan

OMG SHOES: Part 2, Evening

Shoes I wear on nights out/dates/events etc.

I have been wearing these A LOT lately (so they’re a little dirty heh sorry) and you may recognise them from OOTDs~ I got them from asos.com a year or two ago and I loove them <3 I prefer to wear them with jeans/trousers rather than skirts/shorts cause I don’t really like how they cut me off at the ankle (kinda makes my thighs look wider and my legs look shorter, if that’s possible), but that’s just me!

My other go-to pair of shoes for a night out~ I got them from River Island a few years ago.

Also from asos.com. I like to wear these with really really tight/skinny jeans as they give me the most height~ The higher your heels, the slimmer your legs look, right? (Or did I make that up).

(I couldn’t get these in focus argh). These are from New Look and I tend to save them for more formal occasions cause I’m not a huge fan of strappy shoes~

From asos again~ I really wanted to get these in brown too cause they’d be a perfect daytime boot but they didn’t have my size :(

And lastly, these are from Faith and I got them a few years ago for my cousin’s wedding~ Again, I really only wear these on more formal occasions.

And that’s about it! I do have a few pairs of court shoes (/”pumps” if you’re American) but I literally never wear them so I didn’t really want to include them~

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